And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also (Genesis 1:16).

In the Scriptures, “light” symbolizes “truth.” As the two great lights the Lord made (the sun and the moon), one being greater than the other, so are the greater truths and lesser truths revealed to us in the Word of God. All the wonderful truths revealed to us in the gospel don’t rank equally; some are greater than others. Your desire should be to always function in the revelation of the greater truths. Studying the life of the Lord Jesus will show you clearly how to walk in the greater truths of God’s Word.

Divine healing, for example, is a truth and a blessing from God; it’s wonderful to know that no matter the nature of the sickness, you can receive healing. But there’s a greater truth to that, and it’s the fact that you can live in divine health everyday of your life; I’m talking about a state where you’re sickness, disease and infirmity free – never needing to be healed. We never read in the Bible that one day, Jesus had a cold or headache, or contracted the flu, and then sent Peter to assemble the other disciples to pray for Him to be healed. He lived in divine health.

The Bible refers to healing as the children’s bread (Matthew 15:26). In other words, it is children (spiritual babes) that require healing. As you mature in the things of the Spirit you leave the good things for the best – you move from asking for healing to living in divine health. That’s when you’ve chosen to see and live by the greater light.

Deliverance is also a great truth, but living in divine protection is a greater truth. All through the ministry of Jesus, He never needed to be set free or delivered from the devil or any trouble. There’s something greater and better than you getting into trouble for God to bring you out of it; that’s divine protection – God shielding you completely from trouble. That’s the greater truth, and that’s the revelation by which you ought to live.

So, in your life, put the Word to work, for the Word if the true light (John 1:9, 17:17). Measure your life’s experiences with the Word and the life of the Lord Jesus, and function continually in the greater truths of God’s Word.

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