title=”Affirmation Train: Don’t bring God to the on KingsChat Web”>Don’t bring God to the realm of the senses; He doesn’t deal in that realm. Don’t base your Christianity on feelings. Sadly, that’s the only way some know to relate with God; they rely more on “feeling” the anointing to know that God is present. When they don’t “feel” it, they think something is wrong, and they start praying and crying, “O Lord, let the anointing fall on me; I want to feel your presence!” Some even start fasting for the anointing to come. What a misconception!

Begging and crying for the anointing, when the Holy Spirit lives in you, is ignoring the real thing, and pursuing the shadow; that’s not going to work. Stop trying to receive more anointing. Stop wishing for more anointing from heaven. Look inside you.

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